My son's girlfriend has to go...

So since I moved in here seven months ago my son's girlfriend has caused more drama and distress than any one person has a right too. She cares about No One but herself. I OWN this place and she acts like she does. I have tried being friendly to her, and talking with her and she will barely talk with me.

She said her parents never showed her any affection, so I started hugging her everyday, just to be nice. She told my son she found me 'smothering' and that my hugging her everyday made her skin crawl. I'm done. I've done everything I could to like her and help her. She always plays the I'm sick/victim card. Dude... She doesn't know what illness or being abused really is. SHe says her family abused her. Yet her stories aren't that terrible. I've tried talking with her and sharing my own experiences and again-she told my son I was trying to 'one up her.'

She has post partum depression(i'll give her that) and barely cares for Chester (my grandson) only when forced too. BUT she REFUSES to take her medications that they gave her SIX months ago.

Worse- she is JEALOUS of her own child. There was a pig hand puppet I used to play with Chester with that my son and I called 'Kevin Bacon'. I made up a song for it and Chester would squeal and laugh and he loved it, then she took it away, She claimed it was the last thing she had from Delaware Children's Museum where she used to work. No - she took it because we were having fun with a baby she claims she never wanted, only says she had him for our son, and she wanted a girl. The terrible thing about it too is Chester smiles every time he sees her. Then again, he smiles at everyone. He's a truly happy baby.

SHe does NOTHING to contribute to this household. She doesn't cook, clean or do laundry. She doesn't work. Granted due to Covid my son and she both lost their jobs but still she can't be bothered to get out of bed before four in the afternoon. She doesn't even drive.

I'm trying to have compassion, and I've prayed for her but... She makes it difficult. I feel badly for my son. He is tired of her constant and consistent crap.

If I had the money I'd send her to Florida to her parents. Although her brother and Aunt lives up here. She can visit the baby anytime she wants to, but she probably wouldn't. I think my son needs to get full custody of my grandson.

My hubs (who has Multiple Sclerosis and is a heart patient also, having two stents in his heart) and I are carrying all the bills on my disability and his Social Security. She freaks us out everyday. She keeps my son up until all hours because she sleeps all day. Meanwhile my poor son gets up with the baby every day and has him all hours every day. I'm the one who comes out in the morning and makes the baby's bottle while my son changes him. I'm the one who feeds him or watches and plays with him so my son can catch a few minutes to himself. We're already raising him without her. So tell me why we need her?

I'm not even sure my son still loves her. I know he's tired of it. And so am I.

Nothing really...

We had a bit of drama with my son, but that has resolved itself. He had been without his psyche meds for five days and was looking for a fight. I forgot and was a bit pissy about the state of the kitchen (dirty) and made an offhand remark saying "I raised you better than this." He smart mouthed me back.

This brought my poor slew footed husband from the bedroom demanding he apologize to me and the two of them got into a shouting match. Nick looked like he was going to punch Joe (who has had Multiple Sclerosis for twenty years) but he stopped and started punching things in the laundry room. He dented the dryer, and we thought he was going to put his fist through the glass of the door. He didn't. He did however crash through the baby gate and and cut his knee all up. He then just broke down in tears.

Honestly, that was what he needed. Everyone hugged and made up before we went to bed. I apologized to Nick for starting it. I was in a bad mood because I have accumulated so many medical bills that I can't pay for.

For some people $3,000 isn't a lot. But when you're on a fixed disability income of $1350 a month, and your husband is on social security, it's rough. Nick lost his good paying job due to Covid in August before the baby was born. Joe and I are carrying all the bills and there's no money left over. Nick works for Door Dash and the little money he makes keeps the baby in diapers and formula. Nick's fiance is very damaged and should be on disability herself. Not only that she needs to be on WIC, and I believe this family of five qualifys for food stwmps. We've tapped the food banks a few times and my niece picks up boxes for us also.

The most discriminated people in the US are the poor.

So yeah. That's about all I've to report. Love you all!

Am slowly collecting my flist back

Am finding everyone slowly but surely! I need to ask Alicia or as they now prefer Alex, how to make the font bigger. I can barely read what I type. I do know I'll have to start writing in my e-mail again if i can't. My eyes are getting bad but there is no funds for glasses and I'm already at a 3.25 in readers. Ah well. I'll muddle through it.

My hubby and I bought my son and his fiance a doublewide, 3 bedroom/2 bath, mobile home when they were pregnant with my backpay from disability. We moved in with them fully on
October 29th. We're still unpacking boxes. Never knew how much stuff we had in our tiny apartment until we had to move it. We are going to try to get a shed to put some of this collected crap in.

Welp, fingers are tired, and time for eating and meds. (Have an ulcer so I have to eat first.) I'll write more later! Goodness I've missed this!💗

I'm back!

So, after not writing for over two years, I've decided to try my hand (tremors and all) again. I miss it. I miss the joy of writing in a community. I miss the people. Most of all I miss using my imagination. If I belonged to a clan or tribe, I would be the storyteller. A keeper of histories and lore. I wish I had taken more creative writing in school. I would've learned more about building and sustaining characters. How to outline and fill in, and streamline the ramblings. And most of all punctuation! Goodness knows I need help there.

My pieces may be shorter now due to arthritis and Parkinson tremors, but slow and steady, I will place words to a page. I'm determined. It will help me be strong. I need the strength. Along with the Parkinson's I have Congestive Heart Failure. My heart problems are congenital. I have Aortic stenosis, a Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm which gives my cardiologist fits.

They thought I had lung cancer four years ago, I didn't. It was a horrible lung infection which had walked itself off called Actinomycosis. You get it from breathing in dental decay. As I was an expanded duties dental assistant - the dentist would drill, I would fill. Or remove old crowns (caps) and place new ones, or drill and Caleb the decay from them while my Docs prepped the tooth for me to build back up and use their old crown again. So this infection made perfect sense to me. It's rare, but if anyone would catch it, it would be me.

Thank goodness it as in my right lung (which has three lobes, as opposed to two on your left) and was not towards the Thoracic wall which would've given my cardiologist fits. They removed a portion of my right middle lobe, and I was on IT antibiotics for three weeks and strong oral antibiotics for six months. I believe this was when I had to leave LJI the first time. The second time again I fell ill. It upset me too because I had just made it to the top ten. Making it anywhere amongst the top twenty of these delightful people tickles me because many are professional writers or editors. I have learned much from them.

Next time Idol starts I want in. As I stated before, I miss the community and the interaction with the 'contestants '. So watch out for me... I'm coming back!

dsrmousey (new name, couldn't get in to my old account)